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The Fitness & Performance Journal is the official news organ of Insituto Growing up with Meta, publishes quarterly nineteen articles from original research, and informational sections.

In the printed version, the original articles, with the whole text in Portuguese, are followed by summaries in English and Spanish. However, the complete versions of the works are available, in both mentioned languages, in the journal’s page on the internet.

Seeking to assist the legal impositions and the determinations of the official financial research agencies, the F&P J is formatted and edited in agreement with the Norms of Vancouver since the first fascicle of 2007. By its characteristics, the journal is affiliated to the: Brazilian Association of Scientific Publishers - ABEC, International Committee of Medical Journal Editors - ICMJE; Directory of Open Access Journals - DOAJ; and The International Digital Object Identifier Foundation - DOI.

F&P J is a journal that was created to allow researchers, educators, students and managers from the health area to have access to the most important accomplished investigations, mainly in Brazil, regarding the influences of the physical activity, sport, nutrition, rehabilitation and prophylactic procedures about the human performance, health and life quality.

Its main mission is to promote Latin-American and worldwide divulgation for researches accomplished in Brazilian Strictu-Sensu Post-graduation Programs, in the area of Health Studies, which study, mainly, the relations of the human movement with the performance, health and life quality.

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